Shine Bootcamp

A 40 second promotional 2D motion video was created in a team of 6 for Shine Bootcamp to market a conference and to help boost the ticket sales. I worked collaboratively for intensive hours as art director and motion designer to meet the client needs and brand values, also to create an eye-catching and lively ad for showcasing on social media.

Motion team:
Fariba Emami, Miguel Sarroca, Kate Nicol, Mariana Hernandez
My Responsibilities: Motion design, art direction, storyboard, rigging, character animation
Software: After Effects, illustrator, Photoshop

Such a great fun rigging the hands using Duik bassel and joystick plugin. I learned a lot during this project.

Shine is a speaker accelerator for women. The mission is to elevate the voices of those who don’t readily raise their hands to speak or aren’t recognized when they do.
Thank YOU!

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