Music Wonderland is a story of 3 characters in 45 second 2D animation piece created for Mirloo Music, designed as my grad project at Vancouver Film School.
Mirloo Music is a kid focused music studio in West Vancouver with a creative approach of teaching music to kids. The company tagline is "Bring LIFE to your life"
Created by Fari Ema
Target Audience: 3 10-year-old music learners
Software: After Effects, illustrator, Adobe Audition 
Client: Mirloo Music 

The project was executed in 3 phases:
1- Pre-production
Research:  Key thoughts, Inspiration, trends, learn about the subject and client also the competitors and the target audience.
Moodboard: made a decision about type of color, typeface, style and feel of the project based on the research result
Style frame: Made one frame of the piece to showcase the final look
Storyboard: Visualized the story synopsis for each scene 
Animatic (primary action): Planned for timing, music, camera moves and animation ideas for each scene in the storyboard.
2- Production
Asset creation:  illustrator files
Asset creation:  After effects files
Rigging and animation decisions: All in After effects 
Rough Cut: Added new animation details of each scene
3- Post-Production
Final Cut:  Executed the final animation look and worked on textures and details also audio
Final Render
I LOVE to tell my stories non-verbally and musically :) 
THANK YOU for watching Music Wonderland!

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